Singapore Lottery – How New Online Lotteries Are Changing Singapore’s Lottery

Lottery Singapore

Recently, a housewife from Singapore won a lottery prize worth $429 million. She managed to keep it a secret from her family and the media, but she revealed the winning numbers to a local women’s magazine. A lifelong lottery player, the 33-year-old had been playing the 4-D lottery ever since she was twenty-three. Her family is an average-income family, and she was determined not to spend her prize money on herself.

The Singapore lottery started out as a manual version, with the goal of stopping illegal gambling in the country. Then, in the 1980s, snowballing was introduced to increase the chances of winning. Computerization entered the lottery process in 1986, and the format was changed from 5 out of 49 to 6 out of 49. It was not until 1999 that various draws such as Hongbao Draw and Mooncake Draw became popular. In 2016, the lottery system was upgraded to a fully-functional online version.

Singapore’s lottery operator, Singapore Pools, has introduced thirty lotteries with guaranteed jackpots of $100 million and $50 million. These new games were launched on Thursday, September 20, for a two-year period, ending in September 2020. The lottery’s operators are in negotiations with the regulators for the future of the lottery and its future. In the meantime, online lottery games are becoming popular. In fact, many lottery players have already discovered the convenience and fun of playing online.